These Days

These Days
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  • Featured in Kickstarter Newsletter

These Days is my first novel. It’s modern-day love story about a guy who designs prop computer interfaces and a girl who doesn’t have a cellphone. It’s about tech startups, creative work, New York in your early twenties, and our relationship with the glowing rectangles in our pockets (and how they affect our relationships with each other).

The novel came out of a journaling exercise in the summer of 2009. I soon found myself devoting my nights and weekends to it and, three years later, I successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to publish it. I hired freelance editors, completed the final manuscript, then designed and typeset the book myself. A limited run of hardcovers, printed at Sheridan Books here in Michigan, went out to Kickstarter backers in April 2013. It’s not currently available for sale, though there are used copies floating around online, as well as in my former home library, the Brooklyn Public Library.

During the Kickstarter project I wrote weekly progress updates on what it was like to write and publish a book. I found this practice so beneficial that I kept doing them even after the project was over. Today these updates live on as my Sunday Letter.

The Kickstarter campaign for These Days led to my meeting my literary agent, Jessica Craig. I interviewed her for my podcast about the making of my next book, See You in the Cosmos:

You can listen to the entire fifteen-episode series on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and other places you find podcasts. There’s also an RSS feed, for those who know what that is.