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Become a paid member of the Dumpling Club and help me do what I do best: Write empowering stories for kids and make newsletters, podcasts, and more for creative practitioners.

Why memberships?

Publishing income is unpredictable. Advances and royalties come in sporadically, depending on how quickly I write new books – and how well those books do. But the books themselves, if they’re to be good, won’t be rushed. They take the time they need to take. In order to sustain myself, particularly through leaner stretches, I do a mix of writing-adjacent work to supplement my income, such as manuscript coaching, talks at conferences and festivals, and visits to schools and libraries.

Your patronage is an essential part of this mix. It’s another species in this ecosystem, and a vital one at that. It literally buys me more time to write books, newsletters, and produce behind-the-scenes podcasts like See You on the Bookshelf. That’s the main benefit: to show your appreciation for what I do.

Subsidized visits to schools and libraries

One of the joys of being a children’s writer is getting to interact with students. Author visits, as mentioned before, are also a source of sustenance. But here’s the catch: very often, the folks that bring in authors are often the ones who can afford to bring in authors. That’s why I offer a sliding scale for under-resourced schools and libraries. Memberships help make up the discounts from my standard rate.

Additional perks

Along with the above, your support covers basic operating expenses – domains, hosting, and various digital tools and software subscriptions (in 2022, these costs averaged ~$130/month). Membership also comes such perks as …

Be forewarned: these are subject to change, as I’m constantly trying new things with members.

Membership levels

Right now I only have one level: $5/month and everyone gets the same benefits. However, if you would like to make a more significant monthly contribution, or if you’re a university student of limited means (I’ve been there!) and would like a complimentary membership, email me.

Why “Dumpling Club”?

I have vivid memories of sitting at the dining table folding dumplings with my mom and grandparents. It’s one of those aspects of Chinese culture that felt ordinary in the moment but special in hindsight. Dumpling folding is both passive and active; passive in the sense that you can talk while you do it, and active in that you’re all contributing to a shared meal. You’re providing sustenance for each other. It’s no coincidence that there are dumpling folding scenes in two of my books.

When I think about the online spaces I myself want to be a part of, that’s what I think of: dumplings.