See You on the Bookshelf

Epilogue (and a New Podcast)


Hello, listeners! To those of you who subscribed to my limited-run podcast series, See You on the Bookshelf: this is not a mistake. My account did not get hacked; this is Jack Cheng, the author of See You in the Cosmos, coming to you in March of 2021, almost four years after the last episode of this podcast aired. I … have a few updates.

The first is that See You in the Cosmos has been, by almost all measures, a tremendous success. It got some glowing reviews, was mentioned in numerous best-of lists, and even won a couple of awards, including the Golden Kite and the Great Lakes, Great Reads award for Best Middle Grade Fiction. I’ve spoken at numerous schools, and conferences about the book, including in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai, China.

I’m also close to finishing a new middle grade novel, that’s more directly based on my own experience growing up as a Chinese-American kid in Metro Detroit. The best way to stay up to date on when that comes out is to sign up for my Sunday letter.

I also went back and transcribed each episode of See You on the Bookshelf. So if you’re looking for a specific quote or bit of conversation from an episode, all that’s up and browser-searchable as well.

My last – and maybe most exciting update for you – is that I have a new podcast. It’s a little different than this one was, in that it’s much more of a group conversation. I’m doing it with a motley team of accomplished children’s authors who’ve written picture books and YA novels … the whole gamut. The show’s called BookSmitten, and we’re talking about the way that children’s literature can be a source of hope and inspiration – and even escape – for kid and adult readers alike, at different moments in our lives.

To give you a taste of the new podcast, here is our second episode, about some books that we all read as adults that we thought we would have loved, had we read them as kids:

You can listen to BookSmitten in your favorite podcast player. We also have a website at, where you’ll find links to show notes and different ways to share and subscribe. I hope you’ll listen and enjoy it as much as you have this podcast.