See You on the Bookshelf



Jack: In the prologue to this podcast, I talked about the moment eight months or so out from publication, when the manuscript was essentially finished. You might have noticed by now that so far, we’ve only covered everything that happened up until that point; we haven’t started talking yet about those eight months.

See, it was that classic writer’s trick where you start the story in the middle, and then rewind back to the beginning.

Anyway, as we actually round back to that moment, eight or nine months out from publication, I’m really excited to dig into some of the even more behind-the-scenes – and invisible – aspects of the publishing process.

Before we jump in, though, we’re going to take a brief break, as I go on tour for the book. I’m mostly visiting schools here in Michigan and a few other states. And so I can give my full attention to those things, I’m going to hit pause here for a few weeks. You’ll hear from me again when I’m back. See you soon.