#201: Spacious

Sheer window shade, pulled down. Small potted succulent on sill.
West Village, Detroit, MI

I’ve been waking earlier this week. Seven-thirty every morning now. Writing more consistently too, and also getting signals that I should take up a new hobby as the podcast nears its final weeks. Last Wednesday I went over to M’s – she’s teaching me how to use a sewing machine. For what I won’t say yet, but it was fun enough that over the weekend I went out and bought my own machine, lightly used, off Facebook Marketplace.

We were driving back from the fabric store and talking about my decision last year to stay in Detroit. M’s starting a graduate program at U of M in the fall. Is organizing a kite festival on Belle Isle this summer. I said that compared to other places I’ve lived, this city feels more mentally spacious. It could’ve just been the mood I was in, would be in all afternoon, quietly working alongside a new friend in an old house with a dog in the yard.

I’m starting to sound like a lifestyle blog so I’ll cut it off here. Big changes are afoot this week. I have some cleaning to do – not for spring, but for an impending move …