#213: Where Do We Go

Orange lit stage at dusk. Crowds of people.
Solange at MOPOP Festival, Detroit, MI

Things take the time they take. Why do I always forget this? I get impatient. This week’s been a big loading spinner made up of ten thousand little loading spinners, as some weeks are. Everything in my life feels in progress but I suppose that’s how it’s supposed to feel. Where do we go from here? – It’s hard to know for sure, and right now, that question itself feels more important than any of the answers.

On Masculinity

I did an interview for Thrive Global’s series on redefining masculinity for today’s world. I haven’t talked much about how this threads through my writing, but it’s definitely been a significant area of exploration – and cultivation – in my life in the past half-decade. It’s one of those things that feels too personal and scary to talk about or face directly at times, which makes it ripe for working through in fiction.

Great Lakes, Great Reads

See You in the Cosmos won a 2017 Great Lakes, Great Reads Award(!) from GLIBA – that’s the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association. It was voted on by booksellers in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Kim’s Convenience

Is my new favorite comedy series. It’s a CBC show about a Korean-Canadian family that owns a convenience store in Toronto. Unlike Fresh off the Boat, it takes place present-day, and I think it ends up being funnier and more relevant without the 90s nostalgia that can sometimes be a crutch in FotB. I’ve been blabbing about it nonstop to friends ever since discovering it (via the podcast They Call Us Bruce).