#292: A Recommitment

Residential sky. Tall pine tree.
North La Salle, Detroit, MI

Last year was my most irregular in re: posting timely Sunday letters, but one thing I’m committing to anew in 2020 is writing some kind of update each week, the way I used to – no matter how brief or typo-ridden.

This was almost in jeopardy today as I’m on deadline for the new draft! So here is a clip from a note I posted on Facebook about the Kresge Artist Fellowships application for 2020:

I can’t believe it’s been almost half a year since being named a Literary Arts fellow, but the retreat and workshops have been vital and nourishing, and the grant has helped me through a challenging 2019.
If you’ve been out and about in Detroit lately you’ve likely seen the posters and postcards everywhere. The 2020 awards are for Live Arts and Film & Music; the following year will be for Visual and Literary again. Even if you consider yourself a part-time artist/artistically inclined/you dabble in art as a hobby, my unsolicited advice to you is the same: Apply. The clarifying effect of reviewing your accomplishments, writing an artist statement, and contemplating how you relate to your community – it’s ground-shaking, life-changing.
Think of it as an intention-setting exercise for the new year. You have a week and a half. Go!

Back to work :)