#30: Breath

Two quick updates this Sunday. First is I wrote an article for the debut issue of a new commute-friendly, writer-friendly iOS magazine called Offline. The piece is titled “The Limits of Empathy”, and it’s in the form of a letter to a friend (I’ve been writing a few of those lately, as you know) based on a series of chats we’d had about a controversial cosmetic surgery he’s considering.

2021 update: _Offline Magazine_ is not longer around, and I think was both ahead of its time, and showed the difficulty of sustaining a high-production-value digital publication. Of the other apps that have taken up the helm, I recommend [Alexander](, which my agent [Jessica Craig]( is involved with.

The second bit of news: I’m flying south for the winter. I’ll be visiting extended family in Shanghai before going to Australia with my parents and brother for the holidays. I’m coming back to New York for about a week in January, then heading to Peru and other parts of South America. This time next Sunday, I’ll be on a plane somewhere over Siberia.

I’ll still be writing, reading, working – all the things – just in warmer and more-Latin places. See you on the road.