#376: Home and Away

Wooden staircase down to Lake Michigan sunset, through silhouette of trees.
Glenn Beach, Fennville, MI

These are full weekends. Of weddings and getaways in different parts of the state. I’m writing this evening from our friends’ cabin on Lake Michigan, where we’ve been trawling antique stores, going on daily beach and woods walks, and reading and recovering from a spring and summer’s worth of work and school.

How pleasant it is on a cloudy day to sit inside and journal by candlelight.

I haven’t mentioned it here yet but I’ve been meaning to: Julia and I have thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of the docuseries Home on Apple TV+. Have you seen it?

Each half-hourish episode centers on the home of a different person (or people) in a different place in the world. Watch the show for the distinctive buildings, each fitting its designer’s idea of what home is and should be. Watch it too for the qualities that all the homes share – their connections to family and community and belonging.

But don’t watch it uncritically. Ask also, while you’re watching, who gets to build and live in these homes.

On deck: the Great Gardens series over on Nowness. And new voyages in September.