#419: (Re)clipse

Triangular array of orange and white street pylons, part in shadow, part in sun.
Downtown Detroit, MI

We’re driving into Ohio tomorrow to put ourselves in the path of totality for the solar eclipse. Detroit’s getting a 99% partial eclipse, but partial is not total, and believe me and the rest of the internet when we say: that extra percent is worth it.

The 2017 eclipse was, in hindsight, a major turning point in my life. See You in the Cosmos had come out that February, I’d just adopted Matisse, and Julia and I had met but not yet started dating. As I wrote then, I went in looking to cleave time into a Before and After. I think now that maybe I went in that way because I could already feel the After upon me, even if I couldn’t yet see it.

What might be in store this time around? Oh, I dunno, how about the baby coming mid-July. Or that I, just this morning, sent the first fifty pages of the new manuscript to my agent. But whatever the After – this After – holds, I have an even more pressing sense that the next seven years of my life will look very different than the last seven. And that I won’t know the full weight of that difference until after the After.

And that’s sincerely and un-sarcastically great.

St. Louis Public Radio put together a neat Spotify playlist of eclipse-themed music. We’ll have it on loop in the car all the way to Ohio. And likely all the way back.