#371: Tighter Loops

First-person POV hand holding stainless steel bowl filled with strawberries. Background of leaves and straw.
North La Salle, Detroit, MI

I have feedback from my editor, and another draft due later this month. Tighter loops mean I’m nearing the end of this book—or of writing it, at least. I spent this week re-reading the draft, start to finish, mostly sitting outside by the fire pit we installed at the start of pandemic. Harvested garden strawberries (planted last summer) and made a first ever batch of jam. Biked to friends’ homes. Dreamed up house projects. Talked and talked.

As such, I find myself in a quiet email mood tonight. I’d very much rather hear more from you:

What are you looking forward to?
What can’t you stop thinking about?
What have you changed your opinon on, recently?

And for those who are newer here: How did you find this newsletter, and what made you sign up?