#372: It Finally Happened

Swath of small silvery fish washed up on rocky beach shore. Early evening light.
Glen Arbor, MI

A late letter this week, on top of last week’s skipped one. I have good reason: after two-plus years, Julia and I finally got covid.

We’re both okay. We rebounded from fatigue and body aches and by this past weekend felt well enough to not have to cancel a camping trip we’d planned for our one-year anniversary. We spent two nights sleeping under a forest of beech and red pine, lit a small fire on the shore of Lake Michigan (my first beach fire), and saw Top Gun Maverick at a favorite drive-in theater. The trip put necessary distance between us and the news. Helped reorient me toward long goals and small steps.

When the world feels too much, go to the woods. Maybe my mantra for the year.

We came home last night, and this morning I was back in rhythm for the next manuscript deadline—quickly approaching on the 5th. Then the book goes to copyediting.