#392: A House for Oneself, Part 1

Architectural scale model of a street in the La Salle Gardens neighborhood. Chipboard houses, twigs and foam trees.
La Salle Gardens, Detroit, MI

My write-up for our third Building Beauty studio project kept ballooning so I’m splitting it into two parts. Here’s the first. I’ll let you know when I’ve updated the page with the second.

In other news, this Saturday I co-ran, with my friend and podmate Patrick, the novel-writing workshop track at the SCBWI Michigan Spring Conference – the first in-person one we’ve had since the start of pandemic. I even got to try out a visioning exercise, adapted for writing books, similar to the exercise we did for the house design project linked above.

There’ll be longer letter or essay someday about the lessons I’ve ported over from Building Beauty into my writing practice. For now I’ll just say that I felt energized to once again be in a physical room with a group of other authors.

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