#98: Hello Again

This Sunday letter has passed through not only temporal seasons but media ones too, like a TV show, each season with new backdrops and characters. Each with its own theme but also supporting a larger arc of learning new things and making mistakes as I go, of what it feels like to be humbled, what it feels like to get less sucky at something and how it all goes back to writing, to words, and by extension, life.

Perhaps you’ve been with me from the start and seen this letter turn from updates about self-publishing a book into a South American travelogue. Maybe you’ve joined somewhere in the middle, found me during brief vignettes (and some bad poetry) about existence in a yurt in the woods, or adjusting to a new (old) city, or learning to work with clay. Maybe this, this letter, is actually the first letter from me that you are reading (in that case, HELLO AGAIN!).

I’m entering a new phase of the book. I have a timeline now, a deadline of August for the next draft and a few milestones for what comes after. Plans will be revealed when they’re revealed.

If it’s your thing: Happy Easter. If not, happy Sunday. Either way, hug/call/be with your loved ones.